10 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the Mom Blogger!

10 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the Mom Blogger!

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Why Your Mommy Blogger Deserves to Feel Special

Hey fathers, friends, and family of a mom blogger! This Sunday is Mother’s Day! Have you bought your mother’s day gifts yet? If you have have been procrastinating, here are 10 Mother’s Day gift ideas for the mom blogger!

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You might be deeply involved in what the mom blogger in your life does and you are there helping and supporting her every inch of the way. OR you could be on the other side and all you know is that she closets herself away for hours and every now and then emerges muttering something about algorithms and statistics.

Regardless of how you view the mom blogger in your life, I can tell you 1000% that you should be extremely proud of her and support her the best you know how. Mom bloggers have a lot of challenges that the average person has no idea about. Besides trying to raise their family and keep the madness together, they are also doing some FREAKY FAST LEARNING.

The Struggle is REAL

Such as what to write about, how to get traffic to my site, um, wait, how do I actually BUILD a website? Pinterest? Why do I need it? Ugh, you mean I have to create content for that too? Why are people forever following and unfollowing me on Instagram? Why do my photos look like total crap?

Countless hours spent on content you don’t know if your audience will actually like or even READ. Trying to filter a picture just so or bribing your kid with their favorite show, just so you can get ONE good pic. And the killer is? She does this for FREE. FREE!!! Because she has no idea if it will really pay off.

She can only study and learn, implement, and pray. Besides her mind is going a million miles an hour and she REALLY needs to vent somewhere! So as Mother’s Day is approaching, I highly encourage you to show your support, by giving her gifts she actually wants! Yes a bouquet of roses is nice and whatever, but can it write a blog post? Or does it even match her Insta THEME? You know she can’t share that if it doesn’t! #tongueincheek

Gift Ideas for the Mom Blogger

So check out these 10 gift ideas for the mom blogger, some of these I have and some are on my wish list! Believe me, as soon as this is finished, it’s getting sent straight to hubs!

Remember, it’s important to give someone a gift they WANT or NEED, not what YOU want or makes you feel good. So stop wasting your money on useless gifts and give her a gift that makes her post #bestfriendever or #besthubsintheworld#seriouslytho!

brilliant business mom planner

1.Brilliant Business Mom Planner   This is a must have for the mom blogger! After all a blog is a business and should be treated as such. I have this planner and not only is it absolutely gorgeous, it is curated specifically for the business mom! Best of all when you buy this, you get FREE planning school!  This teaches her how to manage her time effectively, how to set her goals, how to build helpful business habits, practical ways in which to utilize the planner, and how to evaluate what’s important and be guilt free!

Best of all since the year is already started, it is now on sale! Grab it quick before it’s gone!

Update: You can now get a headstart on purchasing your 2019 planner!

While you are there feel free to browse around, they have a ton of helpful courses and special gifts for your blogger mom!

2.Tripod & Remote-Are you tired of being an #instahusband? Unless your mom blogger is photographer with an amazing setup or she has a talented friend to take pictures, she will need this! Make sure to read reviews and pick the one that will fit her phone! This way she can take amazing pictures and videos on her own for her Instagram or YouTube Channel without hunting poor unsuspecting victims down!

Travel Tripod– If she travels a lot, you may want to consider this tripod instead of a standard one. Best of all, she can use a camera with this one and will work for Iphone and Android phones.

Flexible Tripod- If she mostly takes food pictures or pictures requiring little height, this tripod might work better. It also has the ability to wrap around different objects such as trees for that weird angle but perfect shot.

3.Blue Light Glasses– We all know that blue light is really bad for your eyes, in fact it penetrates as deep as your retina and can cause macular degeneration. With the increase use of blue light via LED and flourescent lighting and digital devices, more people suffer from its effects today!

Unfortunately as a mom blogger, we are forced to spend many hours a day and week in front of computer and phone screens. If buying these don’t show you love her, I don’t know what does!

Here is a couple pictures of the ones I got. I read the reviews and don’t regret buying them. As soon as I put them on I immediately felt my eyes relax, my 10 year old loves them! Plus they came with this really cool magnetic closure case, handy little bag, and cloth wipe! P.s. I highly recommend getting some for yourself, they are cheap and worth it!

blue light glasses

4.Fierce jewelry-I don’t know a woman that doesn’t love jewelry, but make it even more personal by gifting her these trendy pieces with inspirational sayings. These will serve as a cool pick me up every time shes sees it on her arm and encourage her to keep going. Knowing you cared enough to pick it out for her will make her feel even more special!

Plus use my code SUPPORTSMALLBIZ for 10% off your order!

5.Personal Coffee Pot-A personal coffee pot is one of the best things you can buy for your mommy blogger. Why? Because we will brew an entire pot of coffee, get busy, and when we finally get around to the 2nd cup, it’s either freezing cold or extremely bitter from sitting all that time!

Make sure her coffee is always fresh and hot with any of these options!

This one includes a large water reservoir so she saves time on refilling, uses coffee pods or grounds, and is programmable!

Really spoil your mommy blogger with this one! Let her know you latte her a lot!

6.Laptop Bag– Does she have a chic and comfortable bag or backpack for her laptop and notes? Chances are she’s just stuffing it all in her purse, diaper bag, or juggling them along with a kid!

Help her keep organized with these laptop bags or backpacks:

For the hipster mom blogger:

 For the still juggling toddlers mom blogger:

And for the fashion forward mommy blogger, The Boston!

7.Computer- Speaking of laptop bags, does your mom blogger have a nice laptop to work on with enough data storage, speed, and large screen size? Show her you believe in her by giving her a nice upgrade!

This Dell Laptop has a large infinity edge screen plus tons of memory and so many features!

This is of the cheapest Chromebooks you can get, I have one of these and I love how I can stick it in my purse and take it anywhere!  Recommend getting a laptop with larger screen if looking for home use!

8.Spa Night- I don’t know the last time I had a luxury spa treatment and I’m sure your mommy blogger will enjoy this! Check out your local Groupon for specials before you book her a session!

I recommend a full body massage, facial, and mani/pedi, she will love you forever!

9. Date Night– This one is on you!!!! If you are treating a mommy blogger and you aren’t a spouse, find out what her favorite thing is to do. Is she a foodie, does she love bowling, or drive in movies? You can gift her the money towards her choice or go on a girls night out!

10.Babysitting Services-Last, but certainly not least, help out with kids! As a stay at home mom, I am ALWAYS with the kids and I do mean always. With a husband who works out of state and no family around, I would love some me time.

Enjoy spoiling your mom blogger with these gifts

Find out what your mom blogger’s situation is and schedule a play date for HER. Watch the kids or have someone she trusts watch them for a good 24 hours. She will be so tickled and delighted she won’t know what to do with herself!

If you are a mom or mommy blogger, I hope you enjoyed reading my 10 Mother’s Day gift ideas for mom bloggers! And remember have a fantastic Mother’s Day, you deserve it!

Cheers! Mrs. G

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