10 Quick Steps to Improving Your Health Naturally

10 Quick Steps to Improving Your Health Naturally

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Tired of feeling sick and tired? Try these 10 quick steps to improving your health naturally and start feeling better today!

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1.Apply organic sunscreen.

We all know that being in the sun for extended periods of time causes sun damage, wrinkles, and even cancer! However, the skin care products most people use are just as bad for your skin!

In fact some suncreen may cause you to lack even more in Vitamin D, give you a sunburn, and contribute to cancer! That’s because some sunscreens are packed with chemicals such as avobenzone, octisalate, octocrylene, oxybenzone,homosalate, and octinoxate.

Another Vitamin A derivative, retinyl palmitate, speeds up cancer cells growth at a stunning 21%!

Check out my board on Pinterest with simple, easy organic and natural sunscreen recipes! Follow me for more natural remedies, detox, cleanses, and health tips!

2.Get your sleep.

I’m sure you have heard this a million times, but getting enough sleep is REALLY important for your health. That headache you have every morning? It may be from lack of sleep or not getting quality sleep.

red light filter for sleep

If you have been told you snore, and you struggle with depression, dry mouth, insomnia, mood swings, weight gain, and fatigue, you might suffer from sleep apnea.

There are many sleep aids for adults you can find online. These include sleep masks, sleep devices, sleepytime tea, and sleep headphones to name a few! You may want to try some of these first before seeking further help.

Many areas have sleep disorder clinics where you can discover if you are sleeping like you should. Don’t think that means you have to sleep in a strange clinic away from your family. Some sleep clinics now have diagnostic equipment you can take home with you!

When you sleep, your mind is processing the information it collected during the day, your digestive system is processing the food you ingested, and your body is in recovery mode. The saying, “Sleep on it!” really does make sense!

Set a Regular Bedtime and Stick to It.

To ensure better sleep quality, set a regular bedtime for yourself and stick to it. Your body may resist at first, but it will quickly adapt and you will find yourself getting sleepy as your bedtime nears.

Avoid caffeine at least 6 hours before you go to bed. Drink some soothing chamomile or mint tea to help you relax instead.

Another step I highly recommend is to put a red light filter on your phone or set it to night mode. Whether it’s GooglePlay or the Apple store, there are many free apps which allow you to do this.

Amazon also has these actual red light night lights with a dusk to dawn auto sensor, how cool is that! Red light is said to boost melatonin production which helps you fall asleep!

3.Protect your eyes.

Speaking of light another light that greatly affects how you feel is blue light!!!! We are overexposed to the negative affects of blue light every single day!!!

From the hours spent on your phone, to the computer at work, to the TV shows at night, to our LED and fluorescent lights, we are bathed in it! We even get blue light exposure from the sun!

Blue Light glasses are a great way to improve your eye health.

Because blue light filters all the way into the back of your retina, it can cause macular degeneration due to damaging of our light sensitive cells.

Macular degeneration can lead to completely going blind! One way to help relieve the strain and protect your eyes is to wear blue light glasses. You can read about the ones I use here.

4.Listen to a motivational speech.

When it comes to your health, you should also be concerned about your emotional and mental health. Do you know that 40 million adults in the U.S. suffer yearly from anxiety and 16.1 million from depression?

One easy way to combat depression and anxiety is to focus on positive thoughts. Try and listen to a motivational or inspiring speech in the morning to get you revved up and ready to tackle your day! Youtube is an excellent source for these videos, simply type in inspiring or motivational speeches and you will have access to thousands.

Do you know that as a woman your chances are almost doubled of suffering from depression?

Listen to them as you make your morning coffee or drive your kiddo to school. You will be amazed at how something so simple can change your outlook for the day.

5.Reduce your chance of cancer.

Today the average American consumes outrageous amounts of refined and processed foods. Not only does this promote weight loss, but it leads to inflammation within our digestive system. It also promotes an acidic environment. Cancer thrives on sugar and an acidic environment.

Consider adding greens to your diet through green smoothies. Greens are alkaline in nature and help to promote homeostasis, that heathy balance your body needs.

Learn more about the benefits of green smoothies and how to lose weight by trying a 10 day green smoothie cleanse! Adding 2 tablespoons of flaxseed to your green smoothies helps to clean out your gut while some coriander will help calm it.

10 quick ways to boost heath

6.Call Someone.

When is the last time you actually picked up the phone and called someone? And no, your pediatrician or your son’s soccer coach doesn’t count. I’m talking about calling just to chat for the hell of it and find out how they are doing.

In this day of a zillion communication devices, we are slowly but surely losing our ability to hold a conversation! After all it’s much easier to send a text, groupme, snapchat, whatsapp, or messenger than it is to call! You can voice your opinion and continue on your merry way.

Talking to someone forces you to take your mind of yourself and realize there’s more to the world than just you!!! I challenge you to call your mom, a friend who live out of state, and one of your mommy friends. No, stalking and coversing on facebook does not count.

When you focus on someone else and really care about how they are doing, you are contributing to your own health. Feel the stress melt away as dopamine and serotonin, “the feel good” neurotransmitters light up your brain. Not only can you feel happier but you are actively maintaining that social bond and demonstrating empathy which is necessary for us as humans.

This article does a great job in explaining how we benefit from connecting and helping others.

7.Drink more water.

I know, I know, you’re sick of people preaching atcha! But water is really a source of life, without it we soon die!  The common recommended practice is half a gallon a day or 8-8oz cups! That sounds like a lot but it’s easily doable if you drink thorought the day.

Do you know 60% of your body is water?

In fact, one recommended way to lose weight and hydrate your body is starting off with 2 cups of water in the morning before you eat or drink. Or if you can’t handle that much water, make it a practice of ordering a venti water along with your Starbucks coffee like I do. For some reason I can drink way more water through a straw!

You might also want to add some flavor to your water by infusing it with mint, lemon, cucumber, etc. Not only does this make it delicious it’s much easier to drink. Need ideas? Pinterest has a whole slew of recipes! Consider by a water bottle similar to this one, once it’s empty you’re done!!! No need to keep track of multiple cups!

8.Switch to natural nail polish.

Let’s face it, we all love a good manicure and getting our toes looking fabulous!!! But do you know most of the nail polishes used in nail salons have not been tested for consumer safety? In fact only an astonishing 10% of personal care products are!

That beautiful fall color you are having painted on your nails may slowly be killing you. Many nail polishes contain what has been called the toxic trio, formaldehyde, dibutyl phalate, and toluene.

Formaldehye is used as a nail hardener and tool disinfectant. It’s also used to preserve corpses! Dibutyl phalate makes your nail polish more flexible, cause clearly that’s more important than the reproductive issues it can cause!! Toluene also can cause reproductive problems and affects our central nervous system.

Did I mention all 3 are cancer causing chemicals?

9.Schedule your day.

Do you have the habit of going to bed every night wondering what you had gotten done that day? Do you feel as if you are constantly running around in circles and not finishing anything?

Never fear, this is a common mommy problem. Scheduling can help bring order to the chaos. Practicing by scheduling one day at a time versus a week. That’s much harder to stick to. And don’t think if you are a stay at home mom that this doesn’t apply to you.

You can schedule anything! From the time you make breakfast for the kiddos, to attending reading time at the library, to taking the kiddos to the park, to when the kiddos go down for naps!

Do you know kids thrive on structure?

At first it may be hard to stick to your plan, but the key to success at anything is consistency. You and your kids will slowly become accustomed to your routine and even begin to look forward to those times in the day. My 3 year old gets excited every week for our family movie night on Fridays!

You can schedule on a scrap piece of paper, an old notebook, etc. but if you are like me, you want something cute to keep you inspired and motivated! Amazon has a ton of cute ones like this one plus you can spot your planner amidst all crap on the countertop!

If you are consistent, you should notice the stress beginning to roll off y0ur back. Your kids will be happier because they know their routine. Word of caution: Don’t be a slave to your plan! Sometimes kiddos get sick, sometimes an emergency comes up. Roll with the punches and keep on going!

Best of all you have now have a scheduler that says, hey look what all you accomplished! You go mama!

10.Drink some kombucha.

Kombucha is the trending drink at the moment! And no wonder! Health nuts rave over the seeming unending benefits of this fizzy drink!

Made from green or black tea, kombucha is made when the tea is fermented with a SCOBY, a bacteria and yeast colony. That fizziness you feel when you drink, is natural carbonation produced during the fermentation process. Ginger, lemon, various fruits are often added to make many delicious flavors!

Want to make your own kombucha? Learn how to make fizzy ginger kombucha here!

So why drink it? Some of the benefits of drinking kombucha are as follows. Kombucha is jam packed with probiotics which have been discovered as oh so good for your gastrointestinal health. Like a colon cleanse, drinking kombucha can help with IBS symptoms and even diarrhea.

Not only is it good for gut health, but a study has shown that kombucha helped to prevent cancer cells growth! This probiotic drink is also good for your mental health!

Struggle with depression? Kombucha helps to prevent inflammation in your body which is often linked with depressive symptoms. This means that drinking kombucha can help you feel happier and reduce y0ur depression!

If you are brave and talented enough you can purchase a Kombucha starter kit and make your own! You can also look for it at your local grocery stores or save on costs by purchasing online!


I hope you enjoyed reading and implement these 10 quick steps to improving your health naturally! Let me know which ones you have tried and how it worked for you!


Mrs. G

easy ways to better health



Disclaimer: The information provided on this site is based on  Belizean Brunette’s research, experience, and recommendations of others. Information and statements made are for education purposes and are not intended to replace the advice of your primary doctor. Belizean Brunette does not dispense medical advice, prescribe, or diagnose illness. The views and nutritional advice expressed by Belizean Brunette are not intended to be a substitute for conventional medical service. If you have a severe medical condition or health concern, see your physician before attempting any new treatment.

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  • I desperately need to work on protecting my eyes! The one that I have down the most is drinking enough water. I tend to go off of what Ive done while breastfeeding, which is half of my body weight in oz…and I’ve just stuck to it! These are great tips, thank you for sharing.

    • Try the glasses!!! I used to have terrible headaches and my eyes would have like stabbing pain going through my eyeballs. They really do work. Great job on drinking water, I NEED to do that more!

  • Very nice to read! I would also add to this list working out a little and be responsible with the environment 💚

  • You’re absolutely right! Although my Daughter is already two years old, I still have a problem with proper sleeping. Not because she wakes up a lot during night. I actually got unused to normal sleeping routine and I often think if I didn’t forget to do anything 🙂

    Btw. Talking with someone can really cause miracles in many cases!

    • Absolutely!!! I have a 3 year old and I also struggle with sleep because of her!!! Thinking I should write a post on how to help kids sleep through the night lol

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