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Get those brain cells moving and feel like a great mom with these 10 STEM gifts for your preschooler’s Christmas! You don’t have to feel as if you are wasting your money with disposable toys.

What are STEM toys?

So what are STEM toys? The meaning of STEM toys is actually easy to remember as the word STEM is an acrostic for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

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What are the benefits of STEM toys?

So why should you consider buying STEM gifts for your preschooler’s Christmas? The main reason STEM toys have grown in popularity is not just because they challenge your child to learn creatively.

Careers in science, technology, engineering, and math have grown massively in the past 10 years! In fact, at a whopping 24.4%! In comparison other job markets have only grown by a measly 4%.

When you buy your 2 or 3 year old STEM toys you are generating interest for them in those fields and possibly preparing them for a lifetime of success!

STEM careers pay more than other careers.

If that doesn’t convince you, do you know what STEM workers earn almost 30% more than those who don’t? That is freaking amazing!

I believe we as parents owe it to our children to best prepare them for a future of success. Buying STEM toys is not only the easiest way to prepare them it’s also one of the BEST ways.

STEM toys challenge kids to solve problems in a creative way. Because these fields are ever changing and growing this is an important concept. Limited parental involvement is also encourage. Children learn best through free play.

STEM gifts for your preschooler’s Christmas

Convinced yet? To save you some leg work, I’ve compiled a gift guide to get your child get started on a creative and happy journey this Christmas!

STEM Gift Guide for Christmas

stem gifts for 2 year old

1.Educational Insights GeoSafari First Telescope

With 10x magnification, this GeoSafari telescope is the perfect first telescope for your preschooler! She will be delighted at discovering how the leaves look on the trees outside and the details in every structure she points at. She can even look at the moon!

2.Learning Resources Lab Set

How darling is this lab set? Your child will enjoy conducting experiments over and over. Plus there’s step by step instructions that encourages him to problem solve, practice math concepts and sequential thought. Read the reviews of happy parents!

3.Picasso Tiles 100 piece set

These colorful tiles are magnetic and is a fabulous way for your kid to challenge his engineering skills. Plus it introduces her to geometrical shapes including how to build in 3D and the concept of magnetic polarities.

These picasso tiles also make it a fun way to teach colors!

4.Insta Snow!

Missing snow on Chrismas Day? This insta snow makes up to 2 gallons of wonderful fluff for your kids to roll around in! Watch them learn about science as the snow polymer erupts instantly when water is added.

A simple, yet fun way to entertain your children for hours!



Like it or not, robots are the future! You can choose a robot that teaches the alphabet or numbers. The numberbot helps your child to develop his math skills with 3 different game modes.

The Numberbot helps with listening skills, builds confidence, develops fine motor skills, and builds problem solving skills.

6.Learning Resources Pretend & Play Cash Register

With the reviews of over 1500 happy customers, this pretend and play cash register will become your little girl’s favorite toy! It includes an actual solar-powered calculator that helps teach calculator and improve her fine motor skills.

The included money is life size and your kiddos will be delighted with the “cha-ching” every time they make a transaction. It’s a great way for them to practice handling money for those toy store visits.

7.Melissa & Doug Project Workbench

Your little boy or girl will enjoy dreaming up many projects with this delightful workbench! It comes with a vise that works, tool rack, wooden tools, hardware, and a storage shelf.

Built of sturdy wood, it can easily spark the imagination of generations to come!

8.Fisherprice Think Learn Smart Cycle

During winter months it’s hard to make sure your kids get enough physical exercise. The smart cycle by Fisherprice takes care of this problem!

The harder your kids pedal the more they learn. There’s room for your tablet along with a free downloadable game that sends her on a technological mission.

Plus the moveable handlebars, joystick and input controls let’s your child be in charge. She can choose between driving, gaming, or racing!

9.Jurassic World Stem Tyrannosaurus

What kid doesn’t love dinosaurs? Teach them dinosaur anatomy plus there is a clever key included so they can see the heart and lungs pump, the muscles on the legs move, and its jaws open for the monstrous bite!

10.Hexbug Nano

Complete with a tiny motor and 12 legs, these hexbugs provide endless hours of fun. My 3 year old loved these and carried them around in his pocket. There’s even a glow in the dark one!

Plus it can flip itself over when placed on its back just like a real bug.

So which one of these STEM gifts will your child be delighted with?

learning gifts for 2 year olds


10 Stem Gifts for your Preschooler’s Christmas

As you have learned STEM toys are toys built around the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. STEM careers are ahead of other careers today with STEM workers making more than others.

Giving STEM gifts are a great way to ensure your child learns through creative play and level up on their skills!

Have a Merry Christmas!!


Mrs. G