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Colon cleanses have been around since ancient times, think Greece and Egypt. I’m a huge fan of colon cleanses having had a positive experience with them. Below is a list of  12 benefits of a colon cleanse and why you may want to consider completing one!

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There are different kinds of colon cleanses ranging from laxatives, enemas, oxygen cleanses, colonics, etc. To learn more on how the colon works and the different kinds of cleanses, read here.

Do you know your digestive system contains 500 species of bugs? You have more bacterial DNA than your own DNA!

1. Weight Loss

This is probably the most common effect that most people know of. And although you shouldn’t necessarily complete a colon cleanse to lose weight, it’s a pleasant side effect.

A colon cleanse or colonic gently helps to remove pounds of toxic and impacted waste that has accumulated in your colon.

When used in combination with a green smoothie cleanse you can lose up to 15 lbs. In 10 days!

The first time I did this combination I lost over 6lbs in 5 days!

2. Removes toxins and muscus

This is a top reason most people complete a colon cleanse. Your colon is teeming with billions of bacteria, toxins, and mucus.

Think of the chemicals we consume via our food, the bleach and chlorine in our water, the pollution in our air, and the chemical laden cleaners that we use in our home.

All of these are absorbed either directly by mouth, through our nose and lungs, or our skin.

We also tend to eat foods that are terrible for us such as processed and refined foods.

When these toxins enter our digestive system it destroys the natural flora in our colon and prevents proper absorption of nutrients.

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3. Reduces bloating and gas

When you complete a colonic, the organs that are around your colon relax. As the warm water breaks up the waste, it releases the trapped gas. It’s not uncommon to feel lighter after a colon hydrotherapy session!

4. Reduces water retention

Do you find that you tend to retain water? Part of the digestive process is the colon absorbing water from the leftover waste. When you are constipated and you have a sluggish digestive system, the water remains trapped instead of being absorbed properly.

Cleaning out your colon helps it to start working properly again.

5. Promotes better thinking

It should come as no surprise that you will find your concentration is better and your mind seems clearer. No more brain fog!

What we put in our bodies directly affects our brain. It’s called the mind body connection.

Reducing or eliminating the toxins from our digestive system reduces and eliminates the toxins washing our brains. The result? Better prepared for any test!

6.Improved Circulation

When you complete a colonic and lose all that waste, pressure is reduced in your intra-abdominal area. The result is better venous return to your heart.

Circulation is important as your veins also transport the toxins you ingest from the colon to the liver where it is detoxified.

Reducing the pressure on your organs helps aid unrestricted blood flow to your vital organs.

Clean out your colon with a colon cleanse!

7. Improved abdominal muscle tone

This works hand in hand with the weight loss. As you get rid of the built up toxic waste and residue, you might notice a flatter stomach and improved abdominal muscle tone.

8. Increase in energy

This is one of my favorite side effects of a colon cleanse. You will notice that all of a sudden you seem to have endless energy!

After completing a colonic or colon cleanse, your colon can now work how it’s designed to. Without toxins and waste blocking proper absorption, you feel the effects of proper vitamins and nutrient absorption from your food.

9. Decreases chance for colon cancer

No one wants to get cancer and having relatives that have cancer, this is one way I’m doing my best to avoid that diagnosis.

Colon cancer can present itself in the form of polyps and cancerous cysts.

An acidic environment from the buildup of toxins in your digestive system can lead to cancer and inflammation. When you complete a colonic it helps to restore the Ph in your digestive system and maintain homeostasis.

Oxygen is a cancer killer and that’s why I use this colon cleanse because it contains oxygen molecules.

colon cleanse

10. Get rid of parasites

Unfortunately our bodies are often home to many parasites! Do you know that millions of us often have a parasitic infection and we don’t even know it?

This is terrible as the parasites feed on the food we ingest and deprive us of our nutrients. Severe infections can pregnancy complications, blindness, seizures, heart failure, and even death!!!

Some types of parasites include tapeworms, hookworms, roundworms, trypanosoma cruzi, trichinella, and flukes.

Colon hydrotherapy helps to flush out these destructive little organisms.

11. Better Immune System

As you work on restoring your colon’s health, you are naturally building up your immune system.

Removing toxins, mucoid plaque, undigested particles, gases, and harmful bacteria does wonders for your overall health!

Do you know that 70% of feces is bad bacteria?

Just another reason to ensure that you have a healthy digestive system!

12. Better functioning digestive system

Last but not least, a colon cleanse can help in improving the functionality of your digestive system.

There are many stories out there of people who have found great relief or had their IBS symptoms disappear after completing a colon cleanse.

You can look forward to regular bowel movements without the pain and uncomfortableness of constipation and gas pains.

If you would like to learn more on how your colon works and the types of natural colon cleanses you can do, check out my experience here with a colonic. I also talk about the colon cleanse I currently use!

natural colon cleanse


I hope you have enjoyed reading on the 12 benefits of a colon cleanse. It might just be the way that you resolve any digestive system problems. I would love to hear your experience whether or not you are trying one for the first time or have completed in the past.

As always, thanks for stopping by!


Mrs. G.

Clean out your colon with a colon cleanse!

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