About Mrs G

We di gwan on? That’s English Creole for what’s up! Welcome to my blog where I plan to share almost daily glimpses of my life currently here in Texas. Most of the time you will see only me and my two little ones, Master A and Miss A. That’s because my hubby lives states away in Kansas..what? Yeah that’s another story. This blog was created for those of you who complain that you don’t hear from me often enough, if you need to catch up, just jump on here! 😉 I’m a mix of introvert/extrovert and would say roughly 80% hermitess, hence why it’s difficult at times to get ahold of me. That and I’m exhausted from shuffling my kiddos everywhere. I’m currently in the stage of reclaiming my life by cleansing these areas of my life: spiritual, emotional, relational, environmental, and physical. Although this blog will be in essence my daily diary, I will be expanding as time progresses, and sharing parts of my journey.

Don’t expect me to be perfect, I’m just happy to get the words down! In a way, this blog will be a legacy to my kids, a place where they can hop on, reminisce and giggle over silly times, and hopefully be challenged and inspired in whatever stage of life they are at. So while I am inviting you, my dear reader, into our world, don’t fret if you find it strange at times. After all, everyone has their own story.

I look forward to connecting with you! Cheers!!! Mrs. G