Why Getting Rid of Toy Clutter is a Must

Why Getting Rid of Toy Clutter is a Must

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Why Getting Rid of Toy Clutter is a Must

You want to tidy up the house, but…you’re tired just from looking at the mess! In fact your living room looks like Toys R Us donated all their leftovers to you. And you can tell that you are a hearty supporter of McDonalds’ happy meals and Chik-Fil-A. It’s time to get rid of that toy clutter!

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Now don’t beat yourself up Mama, we have all been there! Massive amounts of toys scattered everywhere. Legos of every size, shape, and color strewned all over the living room, that creepy doll from the neighborhood Goodwill and copious amounts of small dishes, play spoons, fake fruit, and stuffed toys. And Granny just will NOT STOP buying the kiddos toys. You have enough to supply all the kids in Africa for the next year.

toy organization
Before! What a mess!

You might even be feeling guilty by the obvious demonstration of just having too much. Do you know that if you feel overwhelmed by clutter your child probably does too? This article from the Boston Globe describes a 4 year study that involved 32 blue collar families in California on this very matter. Too much clutter. In fact, the article has this shocking headline, “…prisoners of their own clutter.

The Magic of Getting Rid of Clutter

How sad and frightening! For about the past 2.5 years, I have become increasingly interested in minimalism and have been taking extensive steps to not have too much. Gradually, with every day passing I have been tidying up my house and my life.

The results have been amazing! I think the biggest benefit of getting rid of clutter that I have found is time. I no longer spend hours a day cleaning up my house, or putting away a ton of miscellaneous items. Why? Because you are only using the stuff you actually need and want, not hoarding that ice cream maker you got on sale, because you just KNOW you will use it someday.

toy organization benefits

I want you to think about what you would do with all that extra time. If you are a mompreneur, how many more blog posts could you crank out? How about actually being able to sit and watch that latest episode of Downton Abbey because you can actually see the living room floor?

That’s the second benefit of getting rid of toy clutter. Suddenly your living room looks larger! You can actually live and relax now. Baby can scootch merrily around with the fear of him knocking a tooth out on a metal toy car. The floor is no longer lava! Your friends secretly wonder how your place looks so much cleaner.

And finally, the third benefit of tidying up your living room. That feeling of peace and happiness. When your house is organized, it reflects peace and you and your kiddos feel that. Suddenly, your kids aren’t fighting as much, in fact they seem to play much more with the few toys they have.

I mean they actually appreciate the toys now! Picking up toys is no longer meltdowns and temper tantrums. You are no longer having to help as much because it’s so easy they can do it!

toy organization
During- All of sudden she loved all her toys!

How to Get Rid of the Toy Clutter

  • Grab 3 baskets.
    • Organize the toys like this:
      • Basket 1: Toys the kids never play with, Broken, Outgrown
      • Basket 2: Stuffed Toys
      • Basket 3: All Toys You Decide to Keep
  • Donate or Trash
    • Basket 1 & 2:
      • Decide What Toys are Suitable for Goodwill or any Charity of Your Choice
      • Trash or Recyle the Rest
  • Resort Again
    • Basket 3:
      • Sort all the little toys and organize them in different drawers like this toy storage unit:

 Check out all the color options, the white one is really cute too! Really great for storing craft items and coloring books.

  • Leave remaining toys in a toy storage of your choice. Here’s a few ideas:

Wooden cubes that detach, yes please!

Love that this is available in mint too, instead of just generic colors!

This is on my wish list!

Getting Rid of Toy Clutter Tips

  • When deciding on what toy to keep as yourself these questions:
    • Is is educational? Example: Teaches Abcs, colors, , Musical Toys such as a xylophone
    • Is it environmentally friendly? Most cheap toys are made of plastic, I tend to save the wooden toys and blocks.
    • Does your child play with it? Yes, I know that educational toy is really expensive, but it’s worthless if it’s not being used.
    • Which ones can I sell? There are many places to sell perfectly usable toys. A few I often use is Offerup and local Facebook groups. Please be sure to incorporate safety practices when meeting up with strangers.
    • Which ones can I donate or give away? These are for toys not good enough to sell, but hey Cousin Aiden just might love that dump truck. Ask Momma first of course!
    • Is there any sentimental value? You just might want to keep that Russian Doll from Grandma. Your little girl will certainly love it when she’s older!

toy organization

Keep Up on the Toy Clutter

Toy organization and tidying up your home is a continuous process. The idea behind this article was the fact I just did this process again this past week!

No matter how organized you might be, toy clutter just seems to build up over time. After all, you can’t stop friends or Grandma from spoiling your kiddos!

When it comes to buying toys for your child, remember the organizing process. Ask yourself “Will I be throwing this away in a month?” Trust me, this question has saved me many a penny.

Also Dollar Tree is life. You can always create some excitement for your kiddo by hitting up the local Dollar Tree. Or the Target Dollar Section. After all, everyone’s rich in Dollar Tree!

toy organization, organize living room
The end result, so much better!

I suggest examining the toy clutter every 2-3 months.

Well that’s all folks! I hope you enjoyed reading on how to clean up your toy clutter and give your home a feeling of peace and space. Enjoy all that extra time you are gonna have! This is the magic in getting rid of clutter and practicing minimalism.

Cheers, Sincerely Mrs. G

(P.s. Get the kids involved in the process, it can be fun! Pro tip: Do NOT tell your kids you are throwing away toys to avoid meltdowns. Suddenly they love all toys!

toy organization tips

Feeling stressed after all that work??? Try this!!!!

12 thoughts on “Why Getting Rid of Toy Clutter is a Must”

  • OH my! I’m doing this on Sunday, and coming back here to tell you all about it! It’s not my kid that has a problem getting rid of tour clutter, it’s the husband! LOL!
    Thank you. This list is exactly what I needed.

    • ha ha that cracked me up!!!! I know the feeling though, I know several hoarders, can’t wait to see your results!:)

  • Yes, we just had my daughter’s 3rd birthday last month, and she accumulated so many new toys, and I’m super grateful. Now I just need to declutter and donate some of her old toys (like the one we got her at 5 months old to help her learn to stand and walk on her own… Why do I still have that thing? I have no idea…

    • ha ha maybe you are highly sentimental? I have some toys from when she was a tiny baby, like a rattle for instance but most I have sold or donated. 🙂

  • Pheww i do throw away her toys once in six months…Something which are broken some where she has outgrown it which i can recycle it and some which my little one does not even play…Liked the toys clutter options looks cool and yes i have one of those storage bins like that

  • Very good advice! I just did this very same thing a few months ago. My little is I must admit is spoiled by both grandparents and her aunties and uncles.. I literally have no room for all her toys that just keep accumulating in her room and all over the house. She is very sentimental about her toys and they are “ALL” Special to her. lol
    With me being pregnant with our second little I came up with the idea that we would give the new baby some of the toys (specially since we are having another girl). This was a genius idea! Specially since my little is so excited to be having a baby sister.. she was tossing toys in left and right into the donate to baby bin. Once that was completed I then went through those same toys and threw out ones that I wouldn’t be passing down. By the time the second little is big enough to play with the toys my first little will have forgotten what she gave up! 🙂

    • Yay, that is a great idea! If I lived around my siblings I probably would have given some away to cousins but as is Goodwill stays in business due to us lol. Her little sis will feel extra special!

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