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Try these quick and easy breakfast sandwiches for school or work lunches!

In a lunch slump? These yummy freezer breakfast sandwiches will put a delightful twist on your kids’ school lunch!

Does your kid make a face or mutter under their breath when you pass the pb & j sandwich for the 5th time that week?

Yummy freezer breakfast sandwiches!

Or maybe you work and have the habit of hitting up a vending machine, I mean what’s wrong with a kitkat and a coffee for lunch right?

Like you, I’ve experienced the woes of preparing healthy school lunches or just lunch in general many times! I’ve heard and know that prepping food is a terrific idea but never took the time to do it!

BUT, my son now attends a private Christian school that has cafeteria meals..(translated: He attends an expensive school with expensive food)! And the food the cafeteria provides is actually half decent but we refuse to pay an extra $200-$400 every month on food when we can just send a lunch along for kiddo!

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However, mom guilt kicks in right? I mean I can do better than pb & j’s and processed meat sandwiches (bad for you!)! To be fair there are many times that he can take delicious leftovers from the night before so he really doesn’t have it all that bad!

But I decided it was time to upgrade my holistic parenting skills and his lunch box with some easy breakfast sandwiches!

5 Reasons to make these freezer breakfast sandwiches

There were some conditions of course, the breakfast sandwiches had to be:

  • Easy to prep (avoid wasting valuable time)
  • Freezer friendly recipe (so I could make it and forget it!)
  • Moderately Healthy (umm, cause isn’t that what good mommin is?)
  • High in protein (extra protein for my student athlete)
  • Cheap (cause I’m trying to save money, remember?)

These makeahead freezer breakfast sandwiches were inspired by my trips to Starbucks, I mean you buy one of these babies there and you are paying $4-$6! Mucho expensivo!! No thanks!

So I hit up my favorite grocery store, Aldis!!! I can proudly say every item in these breakfast sandwiches were purchased there for a great price! Love that store!

Ingredient List for Freezer Breakfast Sandwiches

Here are the totals:

2 packs English muffins, 99 cents each

1 carton of eggs 78 cents

2 packages of cheese, smoked gouda & white cheddar (you technically only need one kind of cheese but I wanted to include more flavors!) 2.69 apiece

1 bunch cilantro, 69 cents

1 bag green onions 89 cents

Ham (Ok so on this part, I sort of cheated a bit. I had already purchased a ham roast over Easter and had plenty of leftovers so that’s what I used! It made the English muffin recipe even more tasty! However, Aldis sells Canadian bacon, thick slices of ham rounds, and of course processed ham sandwich meat. In the interest of health, pick the healthiest version!)

If I count only 1 bag of cheese slices and leave out the ham, it’s only $7.03 for 12 sandwiches which is technically less because of course I have tons of cilantro, and green onions left!

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    Obviously when you add in your ham or meat it will be more expensive but if you go the route I did with a ham roast you will have more than enough ham for 3-4 meals! Ham roast, sliced ham for breakfast, ham bone soup, ham sandwiches, ham of the sea, ha, ha, you get the idea!

    And that’s it! Shopping was quick and easy! I came home and whipped up 12 of these breakfast sandwiches for the freezer in no time at all!

    Here some tips I learned while prepping:

    If you fry 5-6 eggs at a time in 2 different pans, you will be done twice as fast!

    Or you can do what I did, I toasted my English muffins with butter in another pan as my eggs were frying. You have to be quick on your feet for this technique though to avoid any scorched eggs or burnt muffins!

    Wait until both the eggs and muffins are cooled before assembling. I cut up my cilantro and green onions during this time and took my cheese out of the packet.

    Make an assembly line. Ford was really on the right track with this process, it makes things go so much faster! Slap on the cheese, then the egg, ham, and toppings..Bam! You’re done!!

    Psss…this is a fantastic activity to have your kids do, even my 3 year old can do it! If you trust them you can go hide in the bedroom or maybe on the 20 other items on your to do list!

    If one of your kiddos hates onions simply leave it off. The beauty of this breakfast sandwich recipe is that you can adapt it however you want.

    I think it would be equally as delicious with bacon, and topped with avocado and hot sauce when it’s time to eat!

    That’s my Caribbean side coming out, EVERYTHING is better with hot sauce!

    I used plastic wrap for my sandwiches but you can simply use baggies. Also I do not condone using plastic wrap, I think beeswax wraps are much better for the environment or reusable containers.  Just another save the earth product on my list!

    I also recommend heating up the sandwiches in a toaster oven or a conventional oven if you are at home! Microwaves are so bad for you, I personally haven’t owned one for over a year now!

    You can also click on the recipe and print it out! Let me know how your freezer breakfast sandwiches turn out!!

    Easy Freezer Breakfast Sandwiches for School Lunches

    These sandwiches are a breeze to make and are so handy when packing school lunches! Double the recipe, change up the meat and cheese, and upgrade your kiddos' lunches, easy peasy!
    Prep Time30 mins
    Cook Time30 mins
    Course: Breakfast
    Cuisine: American
    Keyword: easybreakfastsandwiches, easysandwichesforschoollunches, freezer breakfast sandwiches
    Servings: 2
    Author: admin


    • 2 pkgs. english muffins
    • 1 dozen eggs
    • 1 bunch green onion
    • 1 bunch cilantro
    • 2 pkgs. cheese suggest gouda or white cheddar
    • butter for toasting english muffins
    • 1 pkg ham your choice, or use leftovers like I did!


    • Start by frying your eggs and toasting your english muffins. Make sure to butter your muffins first. I used two separate pans to speed up the process. I could fit 5 eggs in my pan!
    • Allow the eggs and muffins to cool.
    • Assemble your sandwich, cheese, egg, ham, and top with cilantro and green onion.
    • Wrap in plastic wrap or bag them. Freeze!!!
    • Reheat until cheese is melted and enjoy!

    Bonus tip! Alternate your sandwiches with pb & j, egg sandwiches, tuna sandwiches, etc. so that they last longer and your school age kiddo doesn’t get tired of them!

    These would also make a healthy meal for your teenage athlete as mentioned above, even as a snack before soccer or baseball practice!

    Or maybe I’ve helped you up your work lunch game! If so, I’m glad!! My hubby also benefited from these breakfast sandwiches! 12 is enough for my two men for one week but you can easily double the recipe and make more!

    And best of all, you can relax, knowing you or your kiddos are eating healthy breakfast sandwiches and all you have to do is reach into your freezer whenever hunger strikes!

    Healthy, easy, affordable, and a timesaver!!! What more can you ask of a breakfast sandwich??!!

    Let me know if you enjoyed the recipe and how it went!!! Below are some of my latest posts you may enjoy!

    Cheers to being vibrant!!!

    Mrs. G

    How to save valuable time by prepping with freezer breakfast sandwiches