Blouse with bow-Shop my favorite women’s blouse!

Blouse with bow-Shop my favorite women’s blouse!

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This blouse with bow will be your new favorite!

Psssttt. Mother’s Day is coming up and I wanted to share with you my current favorite women’s blouse! This blouse with bow has been around forever and it is so chic and goes so well with many outfits!

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These blouses with bows always reminds me of genteel England, think Downton Abbey:

Seriously, read this!

Important: If you don’t know what Downton Abbey is or who these ladies are just STOP right now, cause it’s sacreligious!

If you’ve ever wanted a reason to join Amazon prime, they currently have all the seasons that you can watch for free with an Amazon prime membership!

Remember you can try it free for 30 days, enough time to get you hooked on Downton Abbey! πŸ˜‰

First Season of Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey-Complete Season

If you still don’t want to bite the bullet, you can go the old school way and get the DVDs.

I mean seriously, we just cannot be friends, if you don’t appreciate this classic! πŸ˜‰

downton abbey

Lady Mary Outfits

Speaking of classics, Lady Mary was a classic girl and I can totes see her wearing this white blouse:

Or this darling black blouse as she debated whether or not to ever marry:

Or perhaps Lady Mary would wear these when Matthew came around:

Rose with just a tinge of black to prove that she was just as sexy as Lady Sybil.

You can never go wrong with polkadots.

Lady Sybil Outfits

Lady Sybil was also so colorful and the most beautiful in my opinion, can’t you just picture her wearing this beautiful floral blouse?

I also remembering Lady Sybil wearing a stunning blue dress, which blue blouse with bow is your fave?

I love them all!

Remember when Lady Sybil turned her skirt into pants? She would have further scandalized Downtown Abbey by wearing these:

She would have been sent back to the circus for this one!

Or this one.Β  Can’t you just hear Lady Crawley remarking to “Leave the garden outside, my dear.”

Lady Edith Outfits

As for Lady Edith she reminds me of fall and muted colors like these:

I think green was well suited for her!

Lady Grantham Outfits

But we simply CANNOT forget Lady Grantham!!!!! We know she really cared about what one wore, remember her cutting remark to Mary after she cut her hair into a bob?

“Oh, it is you! I thought it was a man in your clothes.”

Β Black-slimming and completely appropriate for the matriarch.

Β Just enough ruffles to stay classy.

Lady Crawley Outfits

And last but certainley not the least, the Countess of Grantham, Lady Crawley herself! A woman so softspoken and sweet, so gentle yet with firm control on her family and staff. Lady Crawley embodies propriety, buttered scones, and English tea. Can’t you hear the clink of the cups, and the gentle plop of the sugar cubes?

Classic black is a must of course.

Champagne to showcase her elegant frame.

She may have received a disapproving sniff from Lady Grantham for this outfit, but she did take chances, remember her glorious red dress?

Perfect Mother’s Day Gifts- Pin for Later!

And that’s all folks! I hope you join me in my love for these women’s blouses with bows and all things Downton Abbey! They are classic and timeless clothes and you will be sure to stun whatever the occasion! Best of all you can easily shop these blouses online! If you need me, I’ll be in the middle of a Downton Abbey marathon and sipping tea!

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Mrs. G

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