The Art of Flying Kites

The Art of Flying Kites

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Pretty Collection from Miss A

What an absolutely gorgeous day today was! 78 degrees with that perfectly cool breeze to create the right amount of warmth on your skin. Hot but not too hot. And boy we took advantage of it and played outside most of the day. In the morning the kiddos played by our playground while I relaxed and focused on Mother Teresa.

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She’s coming along quite beautifully I believe, although I had a minor heart attack when Miss A grabbed a coloring pencil and scribbled some brown marks across her face. Good thing that was the color I plan to shade in anyways! It’s also why I stress getting your hands on a copy of these, practice peacefulness so when the kid tornado hits, you can handle it.

Mother Teresa dot to dot

Then after working on some boring blog details, it’s a lot of hard work, believe me, we set off for the park. Yesterday I bought the kiddos a kite since we’ve been jealous ever since we saw others flying them there. Both Miss A and Master A were super excited and so was I. I don’t remember the last time I flew one, but I do remember making homemade ones as a kid or pikni as we say in Belize. We would take small twigs, snap them to the just the right size and using odds and ends of string form the needed cross. Add on some plastic from a plastic bag and you had yourself a kite in no time. Us cousins were always so super competitive to see whose flew the best and didn’t break.

The one we had was a super simple one also and with minor assistance, Master A had it together in no time. We unfurled the long tail much to Miss A’s delight, connected the wound up line, and voila we had ourselves a kite. It was so super windy I didn’t even have to hold it for Master A to fly it. It popped up right away as a kite should and Master A had a lot of fun running, tightening, and loosening the string as needed to keep it aloft.

Check out my insta for a video of the fun!

Our park as I so fondly call it has a wide open space perfect for kite flying or playing cricket as it was originally set up for. In fact there are even signs around stating that it’s specifically leased to a certain cricket club and on most you can stand and watch all the brightly clad players run back and forth like mad. Strangely enough most of them are of Latino descent, I’m not sure I have seen a white male yet. Cricket is also very popular in Belize and I wonder if these players are descendants from Central and South American countries. I grew up playing with homemade rickets made out of 3 large sticks with a long one balanced precariously on top, a carved homemade bat, and a rubber ball made out an inner bicycle tube. Being fiercely competitive, I have many fond memories of running my little heart out, pitching as hard as I could to strike down the rickets, and the fear of being caught. Now there are many cricket clubs that play in the villages including Isabella Bank, and it’s my dream to go watch a match when I visit again. Sadly in the 21 years, I’ve only been able to visit twice. Once was I was 19 and 4.5 years ago when the man of my dreams proposed to me there.

Anyway I digress, back to today! Miss A had an enjoyable time per usual making friends with every little girl that walked by and I ended up chatting a bit with a mom of twin girls Miss A was playing with. It was so nice to have a little adult conversation albeit from a stranger. After that we were starving and ended up for lunch at one of our favorite digs, Chik-fil-A! Seriously, you can’t lose, their chicken and waffle fries are to die for and I absolutely love that they have a playplace to keep Miss A occupied. Oh and did I mention they have WiFi and plenty of outlets if I want to work while the kids play?

We returned home, both kiddos got their baths and after much rigmarole Miss A finally crashed. Hence, why I’m writing this and enjoying some banana cream pie and cappuccino. All while sitting outside. As I said, the weather today is

simplement parfait

that’s French for simply perfect. In my musings today, I reflected on a parallel between flying kites, freedom and relationships. I plan to embellish on that soon. Until then, ta ta! Sincerely, Mrs. G

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