Urinary Tract Infection Treatment- Two Natural Remedies For UTI

Urinary Tract Infection Treatment- Two Natural Remedies For UTI

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You know the feeling! The itching, the burning, the difficulty peeing, it’s the dreaded symptoms of a UTI.  Rather than spending lots of money try this urinary tract infection treatment with two natural remedies for UTI!

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Learn about the natural remedies I used for my 2 year old this past week that got rid of her UTI in just 24 hours!

natural uti remedies

UTI Symptoms

Here is a short list of the main UTI symptoms in adults and toddlers. I know you are a busy mom so I’m making it super easy for you. Just pin these pins to your board on Pinterest and you will always have them for future reference. In an effort to distinguish the difference between adult and children symptoms of a UTI, I have created two pins. The first pin includes the general symptoms for BOTH adults and children. The second pin are symptoms a child demonstrates. It’s very important to take note of both as I feel adults tend to attribute these symptoms to a child just being difficult and misbehaving.

General Symptoms of a UTI

  • Frequent Need to Pee
  • Peeing small amounts at a time
  • Pain when peeing
  • Pee is cloudy and has a strong odor
  • Pee may appear pink, red, or dark
  • Pelvic pain, by pubic bone and pelvic center

Source: (Mayo Clinic)

Symptoms of a UTI in Toddlers or Kids

  • Your child cries or gets upset very easily
  • Your child looks tired, lethargic, bags under eyes
  • Your child peed herself or wet the bed and she’s potty trained
  • Pelvic region may feel warm to the touch
  • Fever and chills
  • Vomiting or child says she feels like vomiting
  • Your child says her side, back, or belly is hurting
  • Your child eats or drinks very little or not at all

Source: (Medline Plus)

Different Types of UTI Infections

There are 3 different kinds of UTI infections and they are named according to the area infected in the body.


This is an infection of the urethra, which is the tube that is connects to the bladder and transfers the pee out of your body. Because a woman’s uretha is considerably shorter than a man’s, she is more prone to an infection due to the ease of bacterial transfer. Often there will be abnormal discharge with this infection.


This is an infection of the bladder and occurs when the bacteria travels from the urethra to the bladder. Cystitis is what is most commonly meant when a person says they have a UTI. A UTI often occurs due to bacterial transfer from the anus to the vaginal area. Bacteria such as E. coli from the large intestine leaves the anal area and travels up the urethra. Most UTI’s are cause by the E. coli bacteria. However, it is important to know that if you continue to have recurrent or repeated infections, other more resistant bacteria may be present that have taken over your body’s cells and colonized. This type of infection is resistant to antibiotics the most commonly prescribed treatment. This type of infection requires a specific treatment plan as indicated by having 3 or more UTI’s a year. Source: (WebMD)



This is an infection of your kidneys and considered the most severe of all the types. Pain will be felt in the upper back and side and it is often accompanied by fever and chills. Vomiting and nauseau may also be present. A kidney infection should be treated as quickly as possible. I personally was hospitalized for 6 days with a double kidney infection. I was hooked on an IV, received 8 bags of potassium, and I was so weak I couldn’t walk. While there I ended up catching walking pneumonia. To this day it’s the closest I’ve ever been to death.

My Natural Home Remedies for UTI

Whenever a UTI hits, I do my best to get rid of a UTI without antibiotics. As I stated previously, an MD will mostly often prescribe an antibiotic such as Keflex, Cipro, and Levaquin (WebMD). I was a sickly child and grew up on antibiotics. I have many unpleasant memories of drinking thick pink Amoxicillin and swallowing bitter pills. If you research antibiotics you will learn that even though they work, they also tend to destroy the natural flora and bacteria in your gut. As a result your built in immune system is even further broken down. To this day I’m still trying to regain my gut health!

I first suspected Miss A had a UTI because she exhibited a low grade fever. She also complained about her belly hurting her, was refusing to eat and drink, and wasn’t her usual happy self. So I decided to administer a well-known method amongst naturalists-D-Mannose.

What is D-Mannose?

D-Mannose is a monosaccharide or simple sugar found in fruits such as blueberries, cranberries, apples, and oranges. I have only seen it sold in health food stores as a breakdown of the cranberry fruit. The D-Mannose supplement that I currently use says that this is because the entire cranberry fruit has an anti-adherence attribute.  Simplified, this means the magic in D-Mannose is that it this sugar attracts the bad bacteria floating around in your urinary tract. So instead of sticking to your urinary tract walls, the bacteria attaches itself to the D-Mannose. And then voila, when you when you pee, the bad bacteria is flushed out attached to the D-Mannose. Source: (WebMD, Jarrow Formulas). The recommended dose is one scoop of the powder mixed with 4-6 oz. of water daily.

D-Mannose is very easy to find and I highly recommend purchasing online as it will be much cheaper. I’m dropping a link below to the product I recommend through Amazon. Amazon also sells it in capsule form for adults, but stick with the powder for the kiddos. The drink itself justs taste like a light cranberry juice. I don’t think you can go really wrong with what kind or brand you buy. I’ve used the Solaray brand many times and hence my recommendation.

Dynamic Duo

When my 2 year old first started acting sick, I attributed it to the flu, which is why I stress paying close attention to your kid’s symptoms and making note of any changes. Hence I immediately thought of another crunchy mama’s favorite, Elderberry! Now I personally had never tried it myself but had heard of it’s miraculous healing properties many times via friends and family. I wanted to make the elderberry syrup myself, but unfortunately the closest place to a health food store near me, did not have the dried eldeberries. They did however have a ton of different elderberry conconctions and so I chose the one that I liked best.

This is the brand that I use.

However, while researching I also found this brand specifically for kids which is organic, vegan, and sugar-free:

But once again, choose the one you prefer the best. I chose this brand because it contained raw honey, organic apple cider vinegar, and propolis which are all very good for you. I figured that even if she didn’t have a cold or flu, the ingredients in the syrup would provide a much needed immune system boost!

UTI Home Treatment-The Magic Cure

Once I got my UTI medicine it was time to administer my UTI home treatment. The recommended dosage of elderberry syrup was 1 tsp. every 2 hours as needed. However, I ended up giving my daughter maybe a 2 tsps. in a 24 hour period. This was because as per UTI symptoms, she simply refused to eat or drink unless I heartily encouraged her.  I also mixed up a cup of the D-Mannose and started giving that to her. I would say though that she maybe drank 1/2 a cup in a 24 hour period. At the same time I was pushing fluids, mostly water. With a UTI, it’s advisable to stay away from sugary drinks as that will only worsen the problem and do your best to keep your child hydrated. Dehydration was my first fear as I didn’t want her ending up in the ER with wicked IV needles in her tiny arms.

I also monitored her body temperature, and I slept very little that night as I made sure her fever wasn’t spiking. From previous experience and research, I’ve come to realize that a fever simply means your body is fighting an infection. As long as it doesn’t go to high or be present for extended periods of time, there is no cause for alarm. Just try and keep the fever at a moderate temperature. Many people place their kids in cold water or put icy cloths on their heads and body to bring the fever down. This should NOT be done as it only worsens the symptoms. The child becomes more miserable as her body contracts and shivers trying to gain back the heat it lost. Instead use cool cloths and cover your child only with a light sheet. Dress your child only in light, non restrictive clothing.

natural remedies for uti

Ok folks, let me tell you, this combination was like magic! In the morning, she was so much better! I went from worrying she would end up in urgent care to having a little girl who was almost back to her old self. Best of all, she no longer had a fever! This was so relieving as it meant the infection was going away. However, I would like to add a word of caution here. If you treat yourself or your kids in this way, please do not stop taking either treatment as soon as you feel better. Feeling better is an indicator that the medicine is working, but your body still needs time to recover and to wash out every last bit of the bad bacteria.

I found that out on day 2 when I stopped being as aggressive in doling out the medicine and noticed some of her symptoms coming back. So I resumed both treatments. If your child doesn’t want to take the medicine, try using a little psychology on them. My little one loves strawberries so she happily drank it when we told her the D-Mannose was strawberry juice. For the elderberry syrup we assured her it tasted like candy, which it does, as it’s naturally sweet. Another suggestion is to make it a habit to offer a sip of the D-Mannose every 15-30 minutes so your child drinks more of it. I also have found that if I put on her favorite show, I can give her it that way as she is too distracted to worry about what she’s drinking.

How to Cure UTIs

Here are some quicks tips on how to avoid a re-infection in the future:

  • Avoid taking long bubble baths
  • Try and use natural soaps instead of harsh, chemical filled soaps
  • Drink lots of water to help wash bacteria out
  • Take the D-Mannose and Elderberrry every so often to give your immune system a boost
  • Limit your sugar intake
  • Drink a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in 8 oz. of water at least once a week

I hope you enjoy reading about my natural urinary tract infection treatment and the two natural remedies for UTI that I suggested. P.s. I am finishing this article about 4 days after my 2 year old had her infection and she is still in the free and clear! I am still administering the D-Mannose sporadically AND my mother in law came for a visit and the only trouble I had was to keep her from feeding all candy she brought to my kiddo!!! Sugar is a UTI’s dream! And now you know that you can self treat a UTI!

natural uti remedy

Disclaimer: The above information was provided due to my own research, personal experience, and that of others. Please use your own discretion when following any recommended protocol and consult with your MD as needed. This article should not be taken as an official diagnosis. 

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32 thoughts on “Urinary Tract Infection Treatment- Two Natural Remedies For UTI”

  • This was very informative. Thank you! I knew cranberry was good for UTI’s but I didn’t know it was because it contains D-mannose. That is really good to know, because I always like to find the natural source of vitamins and supplements. I feel that the more natural the better.

    How high do you consider to be to high for a fever? I’m always worried that I might be letting a fever get to out of hand, so I wonder what your opinion is.

    • Hi! Yes that is an excellent question regarding fever. I personally start to worry if it reaches 103. At that point if it doesn’t come down after a couple hours I would probably take my child in. Per E-Medicine, low-grade fevers start at 100 and hits the high range at 103. I also keep a close eye on the length of time a child has a fever. No matter the temperature you do not want a fever that lasts more than 4-7 days (e-medicine). I have been told that low grade temperatures for long periods of time are actually more dangerous and indicate a more serious problem. Hope this helps! Here is a great article I found on this! https://www.emedicinehealth.co

  • It’s so nice to see someone discussing so many different topics that are so helpful. I particularly like the information you give on alternative treatments for bladder infections such as mannose. very interesting and informative. The less antibiotics we take the better unless absolutely necessary. I will be back to read more.

    • yes I stay away from antibiotics as much as possible. The fact that it wipes out all the good bacteria essential for great gut health makes it a detriment more often than a help.

    • Oh so sorry to hear that, yes you definitely want to keep a close eye on her and start treating her to prevent future infections. You definitely don’t want it to spread to her kidneys and have her end up in the hospital. Also don’t quote me but I think I read somewhere that continuous infections affect fertility so it’s definitely not an issue to treat lightly. 🙂 She should have no problems with either as they both taste good! 🙂

    • you are very welcome! Yes,also you would have to drink a TON of cranberry juice and probably never have the effect that D-Mannose does!

  • Hi
    I suffer from urinary tract infection’s and it is so annoying when you are dying for a wee and get there and it is only a dribble and you still feel you need to go:(
    I have been searching for answers and now i have found them:)
    Very interesting about the different uti’s, i always drink cranberry juice does this really help?.
    Thanks for the info.

    • If you don’t have the D-Mannose, go ahead and drink the cranberry juice. However it is nowhere as potent as the D-Mannose and is most likely not to work. Most people grab any bottle that say cranberry juice not realizing that what they are getting is mostly water and sugar. It is very important to make sure to get 100 percent cranberry juice with no added sugar. UTI’s feed on sugar. This is the only juice that will help, but like I said it doesn’t have the healing power of the D-Mannose.

  • Wow, this has so much information. I get UTIs often and this will come in so handy the next time I get one. Thanks for sharing all this information, I’ll definitely keep this in mind when I get a UTI. Thanks for sharing!

  • As someone who suffers from reoccuring UTIS this has been so helpful. I’ve only ever drank cranberry juice or had antibiotics. Thank you for sharing this info…I will be ready for when the next one strikes!

  • uTIs are the absolute worst. I didn’t realize little people can get them- I’m glad I know the symptoms for them now. And I love the natural remedies. Anything to avoid going to the doctor!

    • Yes, I’m hoping more moms will read this, it’s so sad because so many children get them and don’t get the appropriate treatment and they can be so painful and very damaging long term!

  • This is excellent information. I’ve only had a uti once and did not take medication for it. It cured itself. That’s different for me because pills cure all (IMO) being a Medical professional. But your tips will come in handy should I run into the problem again or with my girls. Thank you for this unique post.

    • Wow you are very lucky that it cured itself!!! Perhaps you have healthy habits compared to other people such as drinking lots of water, boosting your immune system, etc. Yes, I use pills as last resort due to the many side effects that often occurs with drugs. Thank you for stopping by!!

  • Very informative post! I don’t know why I never thought about children getting UTIs. It is very helpful to know what signs and symptoms to look for. As well as alternate cures instead of going straight to antibiotics. Thank you for sharing!

    • It is very common in children!! It definitely something to watch for especially for young children in daycares or preschools that are on a schedule and don’t go when their body naturally tells them to. There is lots of good research on how kids actually end up regressing from being completely potty trained and developing other problems besides utis!!! It’s so sad and I want to do my best to get the word out there!

  • This waa very informing! Especially on the symptoms for toddlers. I never new about other alternatives oppose to getting antibiotics.

    • Thanks for stopping by!!!! Yes, if you can catch a UTI at the beginning stages I definitely recommend trying these first. However if your child is in a lot of pain please take them in for antibiotics. Antibiotics however destroy all bacteria good and bad so you to make sure to replace good bacteria with a great probiotic. Keep an eye out for a new post about that!

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