Why is math important? Easy ways to learn math for your preschooler

Why is math important? Easy ways to learn math for your preschooler

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Why is math important?

Why is math important? This question may bring anxiety to your mind as a mom or you may be cheering from the sidelines because you already know! I will attempt to answer this question and provide suggestions on easy ways to learn math for your preschooler and elementary kid. But don’t think this article excludes the importance of learning math for your middle school and high school child. Keep on reading, there are some important math tricks that apply to them also!

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Imagine a pile of ABC building blocks. Before you build you have to pick up your first block right? This is your base, your cornerstone, your support to build the rest of your project on. This is how math works when it comes to learning. Math is considered the “fundamental building block of all learning. (1)”.

Math is the building block of all learning.

Beyonce may think that girls run the world, but who runs the world is actually math. Math is present in almost every single thing we do on a daily basis. From the chip reader that charges our card for our morning coffee, to the fibonacci sequence in those lovely flowers purchased from a roadside stand, to the complex level of math necessary to design our cars driven every day, math is here to stay!

why is math important

In fact math helps kids develop their visual attention and decision making skills as it fires the regions in the brain such as the prefrontal cortex responsible for these processes. Kids that excel at math exercise these regions more often and have larger amounts of gray matter in these areas. In fact, neuroscientist are working towards utilizing brain scans to predict the likelihood of a child having problems with math and in response attempt to strengthens a child’s skill via brain shaping interventions (2).

Another reason to consider the importance of mathematics is that your child’s aptitude or how well they do at math predicts how well they read. Is your preschooler struggling with math? Research says that how developed her vocabulary will be in 5th grade and how well she utilizes the English language is dependent on her preschool math scores!!! Is your 8th grader lost when it comes to learning math concepts? Take notice because this is a prediction on whether or not they become a high schoold dropout! (1) But don’t worry, now that you know, you can be proactive in helping your child learn math!

How well your child does in math predicts how well they will read.

It’s never to early for your child to begin to learn math. In fact, 80% of kindergartners are already behind in math and almost 50% of 1st and 2nd graders demonstrate math anxiety! Never fear, here are some easy ways to learn math for your school age kiddo that I found.

learn maths easily

Where to Look for Math Programs

Math Apps

You don’t need to go out and spend an exorbitant amount on a math teacher or tutor. There are excellent app math programs that promise to do the job for you.

Montessori Preschool

This app is designed for kiddos ages 3-7 and claims to be the “best comprehensive app for toddlers and preschoolers!” Not only will your child learn counting, number recognition, simple addition and subtraction, and number tracing up to 1 million, but multiple other areas of study are offered with this app.

These include learning phonetics via Early Literacy, introduction of simple coding and reasoning principles, learning colors and shapes, learning how to draw, and songts that introduce music basics. In true Montessori style, the child also learns how to do everyday activities such as cleaning, washing clothes, taking care of plants, playing with the school’s hamster, etc.

The app is available in Chinese, French, and Spanish and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

What I love about most about this mathematics app

  • I love that it is based on the Montessori way of learning and provides a variety of ways for your child to learn including practical activities.
  • I love that it was designed by Montessori certified teachers.

What I did not like

  • I was unable to see how much it cost until after I downloaded the app. Currently the user must pay $6.99/mo after a 7 day free trial with the option of $59.99 a year. You can however, cancel at anytime.
  • This is a basic app when it comes to learning mathematical concepts and should be treated as such.

Search for it under your iPhone App store.

Online Math Learning Programs

Monster Math Squad

This an online math program that your kiddos can watch while on the go. Canadian based, the episodes are based on fun loveable monsters, Lily, Max, and Goo who go on mathematical missions together. Most of the time they must help out a friend such as figuring out who’s stealing the numbers off a neighbor’s scale or trying to find a missing scooter by learning patterns.

It is rated 4.5 stars in Amazon reviews and you can either purchase a DVD set of the episodes or watch online. You can purchase individual episodes via Amazon or an entire season for under $20!

What I love about this online mathematics program

  • I love that you can stream it online or download and watch after purchase. Great for those long road trips!
  • The graphics and loveable monsters hold kids’ attention while they learn.
  • I love that it is focused solely on learning math. It’s a great way for kids to learn math can be enjoyable!

What I don’t love

  • Think of this program as a fun way to mixup math learning for your kiddos. I wouldn’t use it as serious means to study long term.


We can’t ignore a favorite teaching tool of mine, books!!!! Books are simply great for teaching kids math concepts. And with the increased recognition on the importance of math, there are more books written on this subject than ever before!!

Books are great for teaching kids math concepts.

Below are a few books you can find through Amazon that not only fulfills your child’s daily need to “read me a story, Mama,” but also helps them to learn math easily!

Probably Pistachio by Stuart J. Murphy

This is an adorable book detailing a boy’s bad day and the probability that things will go his way. What is the probability that Mommy brought home pistachio icecream? It’s 50/50 cause sis loves chocolate!!!

If You Give a Pig a Pancake by Laura Numeroff

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

If You Give a Moose a Muffin

I absolutely love these series and like Probably Pistachio they have some of the same concepts of probability! They are sure to become your kids’ favorites!

Go Fractions! by Judith Bauer Stamper

This is a cute story centered around a soccer team with a coach who’s a math teacher! Great way for your 7-9 year olds to learn about fractions while reading on their favorite sport!

On My Way to Grandma’s House by Lynda Brennan

As Lily travels to her grandma’s house, she and the reader learn about the number line, rounding numbers, and how numbers have infinite possibilities. Part of the Math MileMarker series, and geared towards Grades 2-5.

The Grapes of Math by Greg Tang

This is a fun rhyming book that teaches math tricks for kids such as counting quickly by grouping numbers in innovative ways.


Whew!!! You made it!!! I would apologize for the long post, but I just had to let you know that that are many easy ways to learn math for your preschooler and elementary kid! Hopefully if someones asks Why is math important? you can rattle off a ton of sound scientific reasons!

I hope that you also found sufficient information on how to help your middle school and high school students learn math concepts easily and take advantages of the many math programs and mathematics apps mentioned. As a gentle reminder, don’t forget the books!!! Spend some quality time reading to your kiddo. It will build up his math knowledge and provide that awesome mama son/daughter bonding time. Sweet mental health vibes all around!!!

As always, thanks for stopping by!!!


Mrs. G

P.s. You are your kiddo still feeling stressed? Check out out this post on how to produce calm in chaos!

learn maths easily


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(2). https://www.bostonglobe.com/ideas/2015/09/17/this-your-brain-math/WMrjRMIyyBmtJCLhb5m2FM/story.html

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